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Rainey files lawsuit against Town of Jonesborough

Rainey Contracting has named the Town of Jonesborough in a lawsuit charging the town for delays in the long belabored and recently completed Senior Center project.
Town Attorney Jim Wheeler informed the members of Jonesborough’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the suit at Monday night’s meeting.
According to Wheeler, the town was served with the lawsuit sometime last week and he is still gathering information for the board.
Still, Wheeler said, “We dispute many of the claims that Rainey is making and will be filing our response with the court shortly.”
The lawsuit comes in response to another lawsuit filed against Rainey by Westfield Insurance, the senior center project’s bonding company.
Rainey was fired from the town’s multi-million-dollar project in August of 2015 during an emergency called meeting of the BMA. Working in conjunction with Westfield, who was helping to oversee the project, board members voted to sever ties with Rainey, charging the contractor with delays, faulty work and inadequate supervision.
Landmark Corporation was chosen by Westfield to step in to finish the center, which opened Dec. 7.
“It’s a third-party claim in a lawsuit that the bonding company (Westfield) brought against Rainey for damages the bonding company sustained having to take over the project,” Wheeler explained, “The gist of their complaint is saying that we delayed the construction. We will be responding to that vigorously.”
Town Mayor Kelly Wolfe also denounced the charges. “Had we not taken the action we had, we would still be waiting on the construction of the Senior Center,” he told the board.
Shaw and Shanks Architects are also named by Rainey in the third party suit as being responsible for delays with another Westfield/Rainey project, the downtown Johnson City campus location for Northeast State Community College.
Wheeler promised to be able to provide the board more details at the February BMA meeting, adding that he was available to speak with board members at any time they so choose.
He stated after the meeting that such lawsuits usually take year or so to resolve.