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QUEST hands out $27,000 in grants

Washington County’s annual QUEST Foundation Grant Awards Ceremony was held Nov. 8.
In the last two years, the QUEST Foundation has made grants to 16 classrooms in nine schools that total more than $36,000.
This year, through donations from companies and individuals, the QUEST Foundation awarded seven grants totaling $27,000. The grants went to eight teachers, from two high schools and one K-8 school, whose projects range from creating a digital classroom to developing robotic cars.
The awards were announced during a ceremony at the school system’s central office in Jonesborough by QUEST President James Harlan.
The largest grant went to Mary Jane M. Allen who teaches at Ridgeview School. She received $5,000 to get started on her seventh-grade project called, “Language Arts Innovation Academy.”
Additional recipients of the 2012-2013 QUEST Grant Awards include Rachael L. Horn at Daniel Boone High School who received $2,500 to implement her physical science project, “Utilizing Technology to Differentiate Instruction in STEM Classroom Activities and Competitions.”
Beth Cunningham at Ridgeview School will use her award of $4,730 in her fourth-grade classroom to develop a “Digital Classroom.”
Also at Ridgeview, Jennifer Hill and Holly Jamerson, who teach science in grades six through eight, will initiate “Tools for Inquiry – Bringing STEM to Middle School Science.” They received an award of $3,800 to fund the project.
Boone agriculture instructor Karen Leann Little will use her award of $4,000 to show students how automation and agriscience can work together. Her project is called “Autmated Agriscience: Incorporation of Technology in Agricultural Education.”
“Robotic Cars and STEM Collaboration for Middle and High School Students” will be funded in the amount of $3,700. The project was developed and submitted by David Crockett High School teacher Guy McAmis for students in the Advanced Computer Aided Drafting class.
Chemistry instructor M. Beth Hopkins received an award of $3,188 to bring “Modeling Chemistry for Instruction” to her students at Crockett.