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Police chief praises actions of Capital Bank employees

Jonesborough Police Chief Matt Hawkins can’t say enough good things about Capital Bank’s employee response during a robbery on July 10.
“The staff did an absolutely fantastic job,” he said, referring to the most important goals of such an event. “Priority one is nobody gets hurt, and priority two is gain as much information as you can.”
Yesterday, local law enforcement successfully located Terry W. Rogers, the 54-year-old white male wanted for aggravated robbery after leaving the North Lincoln Avenue branch with an undisclosed amount of cash.
Hawkins said the teller remained calm, cool and collected despite the fact that those around him were unaware of what was happening.
“The suspect was intentionally being very covert,” Hawkins said of Rogers’ passed a threatening note to the teller before wielding a knife and demanding money be placed in an envelope. “It was not until he went out the door that the teller said anything.”
At that point, bank personnel and one witness were able to give a detailed description of Rogers and the clothes he was wearing, down to his dark-colored baseball hat with an Auburn logo, in addition to the vehicle he was driving.
Jonesborough police officers were on the scene within three minutes of dispatch’s receiving the alarm, and representatives from the FBI field office in Johnson City were there 20 minutes later
“The FBI generally responds to most, if not all, bank robberies,” Hawkins said.
“They have a tremendous amount of resources we can tap into immediately.”
Additional assistance was provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Johnson City Police Department.
“It takes a group effort to resolve a situation like this, and everyone worked well together,” he said.
Fact finding and information gathering were the first steps of the investigation, according to Hawkins.
To reach a consensus on the best method of prosecution, he conferred with the district attorney’s office while the FBI talked to federal prosecutors.
“We’re prosecuting this on a state level,” he said.
Where officers locate Rogers would determine the first step toward placing charges, Hawkins said initially.
“If he’s found out of state, we’ll begin extradition procedures. But if he’s picked up locally, we’ll bring him in to our facility or the Detention Center.”
Rogers was caught in Greene County by a Greene County deputy, and at press time, Hawkins said they were en route to the Jonesborough Public Safety Office.
While two bank robberies were reported in Jonesborough within the last 15 years, both occurred prior to Hawkins’ taking office nine years ago.