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Police arrest 31 in January

Jonesborough police arrested 31 people last month on charges including aggravated burglary, driving under the influence, child abuse/neglect and obtaining drugs falsely.
Officers also issued 58 citations in January for a variety of offenses, including speeding, following too close and running a red light. The majority of tickets were written on West Main Street.
Thirty-two motor vehicle crashes were reported in January, the majority of which occurred on East Jackson Boulevard. Seven wrecks resulted in injuries.
Jonesborough police K9 Rio helped make one arrest in his seven deployments last month. Rio was deployed to track a domestic violence offender, who he found and held at bay until an officer arrived to make an arrest.
Traffic cameras resulted in 370 violations being mailed out to motorists last month, with 216 of them for running a red light and 154 for speeding.
The highest number of red light violations occurred on Forest Drive at East Jackson Boulevard heading south. Most speeding violations were recorded on East Jackson Boulevard at Head town Road heading west.
Jonesborough firefighters answered 51 calls for service in January, including a working structure fire at 132 S. Lincoln Ave. on Jan. 27, and a building fire at 116 Clark Road in Limestone on Jan. 13.