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Pharmacy employees, students volunteer at Senior Center

Nearly 40 volunteers gathered at the Jonesborough Senior Center on Saturday morning with one goal in mind – improving the landscaping around the building.
Sponsored by Walgreens, Jonesborough store manager Charlie Wykes says he enjoyed the project.
“We’ve been trying, as a company, to be more involved in the community,” Wykes said. “So far in this area, including Greeneville, Gray and Jonesborough, we’ve been active in 30 events so far this year.”
Wykes said the idea came as a result of doing monthly presentations at the Senior Center. “We were up there and saw a need,” he said.
“We wanted to help, not so much financially but in a way that would build relationships. It is also a project that would have been difficult for individuals to take on.”
Although 10-15 Walgreen employees signed up to volunteer, Wykes thought there was a need for even more help. He called upon Comm. John Roberts of the David Crockett High School Navy JROTC who was more than willing to join in.
Roberts, another JROTC instructor, Sgt. Major Tim Sansbury, and 25 members of his ROTC unit volunteered to help with the landscaping efforts.
“This is a good community service project for us,” Roberts said, “and we’re glad to help. Our students are good kids and they like to get involved with things like this.
Roberts said the project is a good fit with the ROTC program. “One of our objectives is to give back to the community and one of our goals is citizenship development,” he said.
The volunteers pulled weeds, planted shrubbery and trees and mulched areas around the center with mulch donated by the Town of Jonesborough. Equipment was provided by Knox-Tenn Rentals in Gray.
“This is just a nice thing to do for the people who attend that center,” Wykes said. “It gives them a nicer place to go.”
“It looks really good,” Roberts agreed, “all except for that big pile of weeds, dead plants and debris that we took out of here. Thankfully, the town will be picking that up on Monday.”