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Parking at Justice Center debated

County-Owned Property Committee members took their recommendation for an employee parking plan at the George P. Jaynes Justice Center to the full commission for consideration during its August meeting.
This proposed project has been in discussion for months, but the lack of controlled access behind the Justice Center kept it stalled.
“With the commission green-lighting the fencing, we can now make it employee parking,” John Rambo said during the Aug. 7 meeting as he wraps up work he was completing as county attorney.
The $10 million debt offering approved during a called commission meeting two nights earlier includes $60,000 of fencing for the Detention Center and the rear parking lot of the Justice Center.
Restricting use of the rear parking lot will improve security for officials, staff and employees by providing controlled access from the back of the building, in addition to increasing the number of public parking spaces at the front entrance.
Because employees of both facilities report for work in several different shifts, there are not enough spaces to assign a number to each employee as was done at the downtown Courthouse, which recently established a similar parking plan.
“The spaces will be first-come, first-served basis,” Rambo said.
The requirement to park in the rear lot becomes effective with the installation of the controlled access gate, but staff members of the Detention Center and the Justice Center are directed to begin using this area immediately.