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No recounts requested

No requests for recounts were made by candidates participating in the May 6 Washington County Primary.
Following the certification of election results, candidates have five days to submit a letter to the Tennessee Republican Party and request a challenge.
Craig Ford, who lost the sheriff’s race by 12 votes, publicly announced his decision to concede the victory to incumbent Sheriff Ed Graybeal on May 27, the last day to contest the numbers.
A call to the Tennessee Republican Party’s office in Nashville late last week verified no letters requesting a recount were submitted by any of the Washington County candidates.
“The winners were confirmed and will be listed as the Republican nominees in the county General Election,” said Deputy Executive Director Michael Sullivan.
How those nominations will affect the listing of candidates on the Aug. 7 ballot is another reason election officials must ensure all the Micro Vote equipment is aligned.
Candidates’ names were listed in alphabetical order on the Primary ballot, but an error that went uncorrected in the machine reading the tally cards as they came in from the precincts on Election Day resulted in Commissioner Mark Ferguson’s being named one of the top three vote-getters in District 6 on the website postings, only to later learn those votes were cast for newcomer Tom Foster.
Guidelines for the General Election ballot provide an even wider window for potential problems.
“Because Republicans won the governor’s race in 2010, nominees will be listed at the top of the ballot,” Sullivan said. Independent candidates will follow in alphabetical order.
Moving to the head of the line could provide a benefit, according to Sullivan.
“Being one of the first names voters read, especially in the August General Election where you can have up to a dozen candidates running, can be an advantage,” he said. “Maybe they’ve met the candidate and will remember the name.”
Sullivan was quick to acknowledge ballot placement is no guarantee of constituent support. “We’re confident they will vote for our candidates not because they’re listed first, but because they believe in Republican values,” he said.