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No discussion on school consolidation

School consolidation, expected to be at the top of the agenda, wasn’t mentioned during the 15-minute meeting of the City-County Liaison Committee on May 24.
With no agenda at all, in addition to no leader, City Commissioner Ralph Van Brocklin stepped in to call the meeting to order and open the floor for any issues the 11 people in attendance might want to discuss.
Johnson City School Board Chair Kathy Hall said she would like to continue the discussion from the joint meeting of the school boards held earlier in the week.
“One of our main concerns is where the city commission is on the sales tax referendum, and if (the additional dollars) will go to education,” she said.
Van Brocklin said a resolution restricting the funds to education will more than likely come up at the June 7 meeting.
“I’m pretty comfortable it will go through,” he said.
Mayor Dan Eldridge made a plea for Washington County students and the consideration of splitting the dollars equally.
“We are in a situation where (the county’s) ability to fund the schools continues to diminish,” he said. “I’d like to put a plug in.”
Van Brocklin said the April vote for an even split did not pass, though Eldridge makes a good case for the need. “It will be in my thought process for the coming years, but that’s all I can give you,” he said.