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President and CEO, Appalachian Light and Production
Seeking first term
“I’ve owned and operated several businesses, and I’ve always worked for myself,” Hensley said. “This has given me the ability to make tough decisions and manage my resources wisely. That’s something this commission needs. I believe I can bring common sense decision making and leadership, something that’s been lacking. There can be debate, but it needs to be done civilly, and then everyone needs to come together for a decision that’s in the best interest of the citizens. I’m for smaller, limited government. I believe we grow our tax base by promoting growth in the county and that allows us to keep the tax rate low.”
1. What will you consider when casting your vote on a controversial issue?
“What is best for the taxpayers of Washington County. Does it make common sense first of all, and does it make sense for the people of Washington County. My ethics and morals will come into play also, but I’m not going to make a decision that would (violate) those. We need to be as educated as possible going in so we can make decisions in the best interest of Washington County.”
2. How will you stay informed with your constituents on the issues that are important to them?
“By being accessible to constituents and by doing the appropriate research. My email and telephone are always open.”