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Retired from
Alliance for
Business and
self-employed with farming and other activities
Seeking second term
“In my experience with the Alliance for Business and Training, I did not work directly with the government, but as a contractor, so I have a great deal of experience with government,” Shanks said. “I also represent the values of my constituents.”
1. What will you consider when casting your vote on a controversial issue?
“What my constituents want me to do. I believe I was elected to vote for the will of the constituents in the 9th District.”
2. How will you stay informed with your constituents on the issues that are important to them?
“The first thing is I’m easily accessible and can be contacted through telephone, email, my website and Facebook. Second, I ask people what they think about the issues. I attend Ruritan suppers and church dinners. I’ve lived in Washington County my entire life, and I’ve lived in the rural section so I have a good feel for what people want. Every person I talked to was for the Van Huss legislation on annexation.”