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Assistant Director, Water Meter Department, Town of Jonesborough
Seeking second term
“I’ve lived here all my life, and I’m involved in the community,” said Edens, who was appointed to the commission in 2005 to fill the remainder of the term begun by his father, the late Rick Edens. The following year, he was elected to serve a full four-year term. “I want people to know I’ll be available. They’re not going to have a hard time finding me, and I won’t run from them after a vote.”
1. What will you consider when casting your vote on a controversial issue?
“The first thing is the people of the 9th District. Second is what’s best for the county. I’m also a strong proponent of stewardship of the taxpayers’ dollars, and I think the county sometimes bites off more than we can chew. I think people need to have a say, and a referendum on a ballot may be necessary for a certain amount of money. I think the constituents want a better understanding of what’s being done with their money. Commissioners need to be accountable and transparent with what they’re doing and why.”
2. How will you stay informed with your constituents on the issues that are important to them?
“I feel like we all could be better informed if there were a better relationship among the commissioners. If we know more about committees other than the ones we serve on, we could take that knowledge back to the people. I have an open phone number, and I plan on taking every call. That’s what I did in my last term. Other opportunities could be attending Nolichuckey and Embreeville fire departments’ meetings, Ruritan meetings or maybe a town meeting. I will be available and accessible to the people of the 9th District through whatever avenues possible.”