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New school could offer outdoor learning opportunities


Staff Writer

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The Jonesborough School Design Committee is looking at future opportunities when it comes to the upcoming school’s outdoor space.

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, the Jonesborough School Design Committee discussed the school’s outside spaces after approving the overall site plan, which has been fine-tuned to be “more efficient” Architect Jay McCusker said.

“Really what we’re doing is making it more efficient,” McCusker said. “We are looking at what we have, tightening it up and getting these things to work better for what we want for the school.”

At its last meeting, the committee discussed the 2,000 square-foot reduction of the design plan, leaving the school at 143,696 square feet. At Wednesday’s meeting, McCusker said the height of the school has been reduced by three feet in addition to square-footage reductions to make the project more cost effective.

“We just don’t need as much ceiling space,” McCusker said. “We still have nice, tall ceilings. All that experience stuff is still there … We have not sacrificed any program. We have not sacrificed effectiveness. We think we have improved the experience the students, faculty and staff will have here.”

Part of the design includes a courtyard in addition to playground and recess space. The specific plans for what will be featured in the courtyard space are yet to be determined, but the idea is to offer educational opportunities in an open, outdoor