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New road to be named after former town mayor

The recent creation of two public roads in the area of Highway 11E and Headtown Road meant town leaders needed to come up with names for those new thoroughfares.
Members of the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen did just that last week, choosing to name one of those roads after former town mayor Tobie Bledsoe.
Mayor Kelly Wolfe proposed naming the shorter of the two roads, the one that runs north-south off Highway 11E between the new Captain D’s restaurant and Truck Toys, “Tobie Drive” to honor his predecessor for her years of service to the town.
“Ms. Bledsoe served for multiple decades as a public servant. These roads were envisioned during her tenure as mayor,” Wolfe said. “That’s one of the privileges you get as a public servant, to recognize those that have made a difference.”
Calling Bledsoe an “outstanding lady and outstanding servant,” Alderman Adam Dickson made a motion to accept the name for the road. It was seconded by Alderman Chuck Vest and unanimously passed.
The motion also approved Wolfe’s proposed name for the longer of the two new roads, the one that runs east-west between Headtown Road and Bayleigh Lynn Loop.
Citing Andrew Johnson Bank as an anchor business for that particular commercial area, leaders agreed to name the street “Presidential Drive.”