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New line must be built to connect Crockett to town wastewater system

Concerns regarding domestic water and fire service connections to David Crockett High School will prevent Washington County from connecting to the Town of Jonesborough’s main sewer system line.
The potential partnership was one option discussed in efforts to deal with the need to replace the onsite treatment facility that has serviced the high school for 40 years and is on its last legs.
A letter from Town Administrator Bob Browning was shared during the March 7 meeting of the Washington County Board of Education.
Browning refers to a recent notification from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation that would require Jonesborough to have backflow prevention that protects its water system feeding DCHS from the possibility of becoming contaminated from water flowing back through the line into the town’s water system.
The existing domestic and fire service to DCHS comes from a 6-inch water line that feeds the school’s fire suppression system and serves at least one outside fire hydrant. Smaller 3-inch water lines branch off to provide domestic water service for the school’s bathrooms, kitchen, water fountains and the chiller HVAC system.
The state fire marshal now requires a separation of fire and domestic lines, and Browning’s letter states the town is not supposed to be running the domestic line off of the fire line. In addition, town employees cannot be the ones to install backflow prevention in the fire line because they do not have the special certification.
The school system will be responsible for running and maintaining an additional line from the town’s main water line and isolating the domestic service at Crockett to this new line. Backflow preventers will need to be installed on the new water line and on the fire line at the highway.
Browning urges the board to take corrective action in a timely manner in order to avoid liability issues and action by TDEC.
During the March 7 meeting, Board of Education members authorized Director of Schools Ron Dykes to get bids for the project.