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More logo options to be considered

After much debate and less-than-rave reviews of the options produced in the first go around, the committee charged with coming up with a town logo will return to the drawing board on Tuesday, Jan. 15.
Members of the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen appeared unimpressed with the committee’s two logo recommendations presented to the BMA last month.
While leaders agreed a logo featuring the word “Jonesborough” with a flame icon above it was the more legible of the two proposed designs, that flame failed to ignite any connection with the town.
In presenting the flame logo, Jane Hillhouse, of Hillhouse Graphic Design, said it provided “spark, warmth and history” while focusing on the “central flame of storytelling.”
Alderman Chuck Vest, however, said the icon reminded him of the 2006 Olympics in Atlanta. And Mayor Kelly Wolfe argued it resembled a religious symbol.
Without an obvious and immediate connection to the town, leaders worried the flame would be a tough, and expensive, sell.
Noting that the town has limited advertising funds, Wolfe voiced concern that the icon needed to be more obviously Jonesborough-related in order to properly build brand identity.
Wolfe asked the committee to try designs that replace the logo with something else, such as an architectural piece seen in town or something based off of the Tennessee flag’s stars and circle since Jonesborough is the oldest town in the state.
According to Alicia Phelps, the town’s marketing and tourism director, Hillhouse and her firm have created additional logo designs for consideration following last month’s meeting.
The new designs offer more potential icons, including a couple of flames that take on different shapes, Phelps reported.
The town has also agreed to trademark the phrase, “Storytelling Capital of the World,” which is expected to be included in the final logo.
At the Jan. 15 meeting, committee members will discuss the additional designs and narrow them down to return to the BMA with a couple of new recommendations.
The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. at the Visitors Center and is open to the public.