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Meredith suggests compromise, gets voted down

Commissioner Mitch Meredith’s last-ditch effort to hold at least one commission meeting in the George P. Jaynes Justice Center failed in an 18-6 vote at the group’s June meeting.
“I would have liked to try meeting over there at least once,” he said to fellow commissioners. “There is more seating, and people will be standing in the hall here (at the downtown courthouse in Jonesborough) next month when we’re talking about the budget. I also wouldn’t have to sit with my back to the audience.”
Earlier this year, commissioners approved a permanent move to the Justice Center for their monthly meetings, but later rescinded the decision, deciding instead to continue meeting at the second floor courtroom of the courthouse in downtown Jonesborough.
“Let’s meet at the Justice Center during July just to let the public attend, and we can come back over here in August,” Meredith said in a last attempt to convince commissioners to vote for the temporary change in venue.
Voting to move the July meeting were Meredith, Skip Oldham, David Tomita, Ethan Flynn, Ken Lyon and Joe Grandy.
The 18-6 vote against the motion means the commission meeting in July will remain at the downtown Jonesborough location.