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Medicine Shoppe in Jonesborough offers COVID-19 vaccine to those who qualify


Individuals 65 years old and older and those who fall into certain qualifying categories can register now to get a COVID-19 vaccine Friday and all next week at The Medicine Shoppe in Jonesborough.

The Medicine Shoppe owner Matthew Epling said individuals interested in getting the vaccination must register online for an appointment at

“Once you get the primary vaccine, you are guaranteed the second COVID vaccine,” he said.

Epling said 1,200 doses of the vaccine were transported to the pharmacy in Jonesborough earlier this week.

In addition to people 65 and older, individuals in categories 1a1, 1a2 and 1b are eligible to get the vaccine. These categories include healthcare workers, funeral home and mortuary workers, school employees and child care staff, first responders and individuals who care for the elderly.

The Jonesborough Medicine Shoppe is at 1238 E. Jackson Boulevard, beside Pal’s.

The vaccination is free, but individuals who have a vaccine appointment at the pharmacy need to bring identification and their insurance card.