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Matherly reappointed to serve as commission chair

Commissioner Greg Matherly was unanimously elected to lead the Washington County Commission for a second year as chair during the group’s Sept. 24 meeting.
A motion for nominations to cease was made immediately after Matherly’s name was put up, making him the only candidate.
Matherly accepted the office with thanks to those who assisted him during the first year in more than two decades a commissioner rather than the mayor served as chair.
“It’s been a hard year professionally and personally, but each commissioner did something to help me,” he said. “I also couldn’t have done it without the mayor and other elected officials, and the county attorney.”
Matherly was elected and took office during the September 2011 meeting after Mayor Dan Eldridge announced he would not seek reappointment as commission chair. He said taxpayers would be better served by his spending that time pursuing economic development opportunities and managing the budget.
While the mayor received an additional $50 per month for serving as chair, the Budget Committee recommended increasing the supplement to $500 for a non-government staff member with a full-time job elsewhere. The vote on the increase was scheduled for the May meeting, but was deferred to the August meeting at Matherly’s request.
A vote on the increase was not included on the agendas for the August or September meetings.
“I won’t bring up the pay issue,” Matherly said following his reappointment last month. “If they want to give me a raise they can, but I know going into it what I’m making.”
Commissioner Lee Chase also received unanimous approval to serve another year as vice chair.
A resolution approved during the August meeting appoints the following list of commissioners to standing committees:
• Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture Committee — Mark Ferguson, Greg Matherly, Sam Phillips, David Shanks and Alpha Bridger.
• Health and Welfare Committee — Pat Wolfe, Ken Lyon, Roger Nave, Ben Bowman and Steve Light.
• Public Safety Committee — Sam Phillips, Pete Speropulos, Sam Humphreys, Roger Nave and Mike Ford.
• Public Works and Planning Committee — Gearld Sparks, Doyle Cloyd, Mike Ford, Richard Matherly and Ben Bowman.
• Education Committee — Mark Larkey, Joe Corso, Lee Chase, Ben Bowman and David Tomita.
• Zoning Administration Oversight Committee — Joe Sheffield, Pete Speropulos, Greg Matherly, Ethan Flynn and Richard Matherly.
• Rules Committee — Joe Corso, Lee Chase, Mark Ferguson, Roger Nave and Gearld Sparks.
• County-Owned Property Committee — Doyle Cloyd, Mark Ferguson, Joe Sheffield, Alpha Bridger and Skip Oldham.
• Solid Waste Committee — Richard Matherly, Steve Light, David Shanks, Joe Grandy and Mitch Meredith.
• Legal Services Oversight Committee — Doyle Cloyd, Mike Ford, Mark Larkey, Skip Oldham and Greg Matherly.