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Matherly halts vote on his $450 monthly pay increase

Washington County Commission Chair Greg Matherly wants to wait a few months before voting to increase the monthly pay for his position.
Commissioners were scheduled to make a decision during their May 29 meeting on the Budget Committee’s recommendation to increase the additional monthly supplement the chairman receives from $50 to $500.
“I’m honored that the mayor and the Budget Committee think I am doing the best job I can, but there are some entangled questions I’ve had to answer in the last few days,” Matherly said.
He referred to recent media coverage on the issue and said not everyone understands the duties required of the chairman.
“This (the commission meeting) is what you work for all month,” he said.
Though he spends approximately 10 hours a week in his role as commission leader, Matherly said there is no handbook or set of rules defining the specific responsibilities of the role.
“I would like to take the issue off Greg Matherly and wait until the election of the new chairman in September,” he said. “I want you to know what you’re paying the chairman $500 to do.”
Matherly is the first commissioner in more than 20 years to serve as chair, a seat held for decades by the county mayor, who was compensated $50 per month for the additional work.
At the beginning of the September 2011 meeting, Mayor Dan Eldridge announced he would not seek reappointment as chair of the commission, saying taxpayers would be better served by his spending that time pursuing new jobs and managing the budget. Matherly, who was serving as vice chairman, was elected to the top seat and took office during that meeting.
Eldridge said it is reasonable that a commissioner with a full-time job in addition to serving as chair would be paid more than a county government staff member.
Commissioner Doyle Cloyd made a motion to defer the vote on increasing the chair’s pay to the August meeting so the decision would be made prior to the election of the next chairman. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Sam Phillips and passed unanimously.