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Matherly elected to serve third year as chair of Washington County commission

During the annual officer elections held at the Sept. 23 meeting, county commissioners retained the current leadership by electing Greg Matherly as chair and Lee Chase as vice chair.
Matherly said he didn’t feel like the commission had a lot of interest in changing chairs, and he is willing to serve for a third time.
“I’ve seen it through the last two years, and I kind of like finishing out the (commission) term,” he said.
While chairing the county commission has been a trial by fire in some cases, Matherly said several things have been accomplished as a result of working together.
“We hired a full-time attorney, we brought on a third judge, and I’m proud of the commitments we made to the senior center and the animal shelter,” he said. “I think there is more compromise than people would imagine. Already this year, we’ve hired an interim county attorney and passed a budget and a capital projects plan.”
The biggest remaining challenges Matherly sees for the commission during 2013-14 are appointing a permanent county attorney after the first hire left to become a judge, continuing to control spending, and formalizing a school building program.
His personal goals include finishing the renovations at the downtown courthouse, establishing an Environmental Court and preparing a budget for the upcoming year.
“We’ve worked very hard to bring people together on a host of issues,” Matherly said. “Others take more time, and on some, we may run out of time. This is an election year.”