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Logo moves ahead

Members of the town’s Tourism Logo Committee came a step closer Nov. 20 to choosing a new logo to be used for signage and branding throughout Jonesborough.
After reviewing several designs presented by Jane Hillhouse of Hillhouse Graphic Design, the committee focused on two designs – one based on an original design by Destination Development Inc., featuring a script text logo and the other, which featured a 19th century font with a flame icon, designed by Jimmy Caswell.
Both included the tagline, “Storytelling Capital of the World.”
Hillhouse not only presented the logo designs, but also demonstrated how the logos would look on everything from billboards to key rings.
She explained how the flame icon contained in the more modern of the two designs could be used, in some cases, as a standalone image, illustrating “the central fire of storytelling concept.”
After seeing the other potential logo as it would appear on signage, Committee Member Marcy Hawley said she found it difficult to read.
Browning agreed, saying the style was more effective in a larger format.
Hillhouse pointed out that even though it is a bit more modern, the flame logo was designed with a font from the late 1800s called Gloucester.
Her presentation also featured the logos as they would appear in color, both designed with bright orange, bright gold and burgundy.
Browning asked the group if they liked the logo with the flame or the one without, or if the group wanted to go back and look at any previous designs.
“This could go on and on, in true Jonesborough fashion,” Hawley said. “I like the flame. We can do different things with the flame and I think when people see it, they will start to connect with it.”
Amber Crumley, Visitors Center manager, agreed.
“The historic font is too hard to read. I like the flame, too, especially after seeing it in full color,” she said.
Crumley suggested a slight adjustment to the word “historic” so it is more parallel to the curve of the word “Jonesborough.”
She also suggested changing the font of the word “historic.”
Alicia Phelps, marketing and tourism director for the town, said that although she had always preferred the historic script design, she felt that design wouldn’t show up in print advertising as well. The “possibilities are endless” with the flame design, she added.
Hillhouse agreed.
“The spark, the warmth, the history is shown in that flame and can be used in so many ways,” she said.
Hillhouse underscored the committee members’ comments, saying that while the flame logo had historic roots, it is also contemporary.
“It is a little more progressive,” she said. “And that’s good because you’re not just in the past – you’re in the present and you’re moving into the future.”
Browning asked if the group was in agreement to move forward with the flame logo.
No vote was taken, but no one present expressed opposition.
“Many members aren’t here,” Browning said. “We will need to email it to all of the committee. If anyone has a major problem, they can let us know.”
Phelps agreed to be the contact person for members of the committee.
Hillhouse agreed to make the discussed changes to the logo, then email it to all committee members.
If no one objects to the logo, Browning said, the proposed design would be presented to the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen at its meeting Dec. 10.
Only half of the original committee attended last week’s meeting and all but one member in attendance were Town of Jonesborough employees including Phelps, Crumley, Browning and Terry Alexander, website manager. The only non-town employee committee member in attendance was Hawley, owner of Hawley House Bed & Breakfast.
Those on the committee who were absent were: Leroy Dunbar, Jeff Gurley, Steve Cook, Claudia Moody and Kathleen Petretta.
When questioned about the committee holding its meeting without a quorum, Browning said, “this is not a formal committee,” instead referring to the group as an “advisory committee.”
“We don’t need a quorum,” he said. “If anyone has an issue, we can bring people back together if necessary.”
That will be necessary, according to Mayor Kelly Wolfe, who says he won’t allow a logo presentation to be made to the BMA until the committee has a formal vote with the required quorum present.
“This is a mayor’s committee created to deal with a town tourism logo,” Wolfe said. “I fully expect this committee to make a decision during a regularly scheduled meeting with a quorum present to formally vote on whatever is to be presented to the BMA.
“It is understandable that as busy as everyone is, that not everyone could attend the meeting,” he continued. “But I’m confident, that after the holidays, they can get back together and make a decision.”
Wolfe praised the committee’s work, but added, “In my eyes, it’s only appropriate for things to be handled this way, given the importance of what’s being discussed.”