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Logo idea moves to BMA for possible approval

The Town of Jonesborough Logo Committee met on Dec. 4 and took a formal vote to bring two designs to the board with a recommendation that one, which contains a flame icon, be chosen as the official town logo.
Committee members present at last week’s meeting included Town Administrator Bob Browning, Town Website Manager Terry Alexander, Director of Marketing and Tourism Alicia Phelps, Financial Center Manager for First Tennessee Bank Kathleen Petretta and Lollipop Shop owner Jeff Gurley.
The group heard from Jane Hillhouse who reviewed the two most popular designs, including one that had been revised based on member recommendations during a previous meeting.
“Now we need to see if there’s a consensus – this is a long-term thing,” Browning said. “This is tedious, but any time when you do something like this by committee, that’s the case.”
The group discussed previous meetings and mentioned several committee members who had been in favor of the logo with the flame icon.
“Well, Marcy and Amber were here last meeting,” Browning said, referring to members Marcy Hawley, of Hawley House Bed and Breakfast, and Amber Crumley, Jonesborough Visitors Center director. “Both of them liked the logo with the flame icon,” he said.
Phelps recalled member Claudia Moody, director of the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association, also favoring the flame logo at a previous meeting.
However, Jonesborough Art Glass owner Steve Cook preferred the historic script design at one of the first meetings, she said, but noted that he had been absent during the last three meetings.
Another original committee member, Leroy Dunbar, had resigned after the first meeting, Phelps said.
Petretta told the group that although she loved the logo with the historic font, she would agree to go with the one with the flame.
“The way you explained the logo,” she told Hillhouse, “gave a whole new light to it.”
There was discussion about having either an electronic or paper ballot sent to all members in order to have a record of each member’s vote.
However, after recapping various members’ preferences, Phelps said it appeared to her that “we’re all on the same page, even with those who aren’t here today. I feel like we have a consensus.”
Petretta made a motion to bring the color versions of the two most recent logos before the BMA at their Dec. 10 meeting. Gurley seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Hillhouse suggested the presentation include an explanation of the goals and processes leading up to the final design recommendations.
When Gurley asked Hillhouse which logo she favored, she repeated her endorsement of the flame logo. She said it represents Jonesborough’s “spark” and “warmth.”
“The flame icon gives us a chance to build identity for Jonesborough,” she said. “It says there is a spark in Jonesborough and we want to share that spark.”