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Leaders hope drunk-driving demonstration hits home with high school juniors, seniors

It was a scene right out of a television drama ­— two young people lying dead in the middle of the road, a handful more injured, ambulances, rescue helicopters and police officers swarming around the scene of the crash.
Last week, David Crockett High School hosted a Prom Promise event to demonstrate the consequences teens could face if someone decided to drink and drive on prom night, or any other night for that matter.
The event, held on the high school track, may have been staged, but the impression it left on juniors and seniors at the school was very real.
Several students were made up to look like prom dates involved in the deadly car crash between a teen drunk driver and an innocent family of three.
The actors were treated by real emergency personnel who donated their time to making the event as realistic as possible.
Some victims had to be cut out of the vehicles while others were thrown from the automobiles. Helicopters flew in to transport the two most seriously injured while ambulances carted away another two victims. Two more were pronounced dead at the scene.
Several agencies participated in the event, including the Jonesborough Fire Department, Washington County EMS, Wings Air Rescue, Wellmont One, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.
Crockett’s prom took place the following night.