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Leaders divided on design for police vehicles

Police vehicles in Tennessee’s oldest town will soon be looking different, but just how different remains to be seen.
With eight new vehicles — all SUVs — scheduled to join the fleet in the coming months, Police Chief Matt Hawkins has requested a change in the design featured on police vehicles.
The graphic design preferred by Hawkins and his department however, is not the same one favored by Town Operations Manager Craig Ford and Town Administrator Bob Browning.
“We had a little bit of a split opinion as to which design was preferred between members of our staff,” Mayor Kelly Wolfe said during the Oct. 21 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. “I would like to see us make some revisions and try to bring everybody together in a consensus.”
Hawkins sent a memo to Browning and Ford on Oct. 1 requesting the update to cruiser graphics. Attached to the memo was a schematic of the final choice made by Hawkins and members of the police department.
The design, in black, white and red, features an image of the police patch on the side of each vehicle along with the words “police” and “Jonesborough” in all capital letters. The rear of the vehicle features the phrase “public safety” in all caps as well as the town’s website.
While recognizing that many police agencies use black and white on their vehicles, Ford and Browning both said they prefer a design that maintains the red, white and blue colors currently used on the town’s police vehicles.
They also prefer keeping the town logo on the vehicles rather than switching to the town’s police patch.
With the final decision yet to be made as far as which design will be selected, members of the BMA approved a bid from Foster Signs to do the work at a cost of $390 per vehicle.
The vote also authorized Wolfe to work with Browning, Ford and Hawkins on selecting an appropriate design that works for everyone.
Ford created the current design featured on the town police vehicles in 2002.