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Jonesborough to tap Glenn Rosenoff as new town administrator


Staff Writer

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Back when Glen Rosenoff was first launching his career in economic development, he spent a lot of time in Jonesborough and Washington County and its courthouse and town hall. Now, Rosenoff is looking to spend time in those places once again as the Town of Jonesborough’s new town administrator.

“My planning knowledge, skills and abilities grew out of Jonesborough or the old courthouse,” Rosenoff said. “I spent much of my career and my learning in dealing with developments and working on regulations and being an expert in zoning and annexations — whatever the subject matter was — I grew up in that and that’s what I took (to Erwin).

“As far as the town administrator of the oldest town in Tennessee, that’s a very exciting position to take upon.”

Rosenoff is the current city recorder and town administrator for Erwin. Before taking on that role, he was the planning director for the First Tennessee Development District in Johnson City. He also earned his bachelors degree in criminal justice and his masters in city management at East Tennessee State University.

Now, Rosenoff said he’s ready to serve the community while looking ahead for Jonesborough.

“Much of what we do (in Erwin) is probably similar to Jonesborough,” Rosenoff said. “We are looking after the citizens and looking after their needs and providing services for them. At the same time, we’re growing the economy here and being progressive, so a lot of things we have worked on before and since I’ve been here is downtown.”

Erwin recently underwent a three-phase downtown revitalization and has worked to improve tourism and overall attraction to the town. He also said he is interested in looking into the possibility of getting some downtown redevelopment loan programs started in Jonesborough as he did in Erwin.

“We have concentrated a lot of time and effort with the merchants on improving their buildings, improving events and festivals to gain that foot traffic downtown and grow our tourism,” Rosenoff said. “We’ve also spent a lot of time and effort on our commercial corridors throughout the town and growing our main exits and attracting Food City to Erwin recently.

“There are just so many projects from road resurfacing to traffic signalization to events and festivals and any area of economic development we have made efforts to tap into.”

He’s also hoping to build and strengthen relationships with the town and the county.

“I do see that a lot of times in economic development the boundaries of the county line, you’ve got to go over those to grow the economy,” Rosenoff said. “So I am looking to forge a really good relationship with the county and surrounding areas as well. I think regionally, the more successful we all are, the better. At the same time, the main priority is Jonesborough.”

If there’s one thing Rosenoff said he wanted the Jonesborough community to know it’s that he’ll be available and ready to work together in Tennessee’s oldest town with an open-door policy.

“I have an open door policy for the officials, the employees, the community, the partners we will be developing,” Rosenoff said. “Basically I’m open and have a desire to serve the community and improve the community to the best of my ability. That’s my role, to serve the public at large.”