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Jonesborough resident part of team to create new voting system

Mandy Morland, of Jonesborough, is a member of a team of Clemson University researchers that received the FCC Chairman’s 2012 Award for Advancement in Accessibility.
Led by professor Juan Gilbert, Presidential Endowed Chair in Computing and director of the Human-Centered Computing division in Clemson’s School of Computing, the student researchers received the Chairman’s Award during a December ceremony at the Federal Communication headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Morland is a graduate student in Digital Production Arts.
The researchers entered Prime III, a universally designed voting system in the Civic Participation Solutions category.
Nominees demonstrated how advanced technology addresses societal issues, meets the needs of people with disabilities and promotes accessibility. Prime III was the winning entry.
The secure, accommodating, multimodal electronic voting system honors the integrity of all voters with its user-friendly interface. Unlike other voting systems where people with physical disabilities are relegated to a separate voting machine, Prime III establishes voter independence with touch screen, headset and microphone applications to enable people with learning, intellectual or physical disabilities to cast their votes privately and independently on one machine.
The accessible voting system gained national attention when the State of Oregon utilized it during the 2012 Presidential Primary. The Self Advocates Becoming Empowered organization also used Prime III during its board election.