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Jonesborough police arrest 34 in February

Jonesborough police arrested 34 people in February on charges ranging from driving under the influence and assault to disorderly conduct and public intoxication
Authorities issued 133 citations in February for everything from speeding to registration violations. The majority of tickets were written on West Jackson Boulevard.
A total of 27 motor vehicle crashes were reported in February, with most taking place on East Jackson Boulevard. Most caused more than $400 in damage with four resulting in injuries.
Police K-9s Gregor and Rio were utilized in a combined 14 deployments.
Traffic light cameras in Jonesborough recorded a total of 476 violations in February, which resulted in 330 violations being mailed out.
Of the 330 violations, nearly 250 were for drivers who ran a red light while the remaining tickets were issued for speeding. However, the portion of the cameras that calculate speed of vehicles was down for part of the month.
The highest number of red light violations occurred on Forest Drive heading southbound at East Jackson Boulevard. The majority of speeding violations were recorded on East Jackson Boulevard heading westbound past Headtown Road.
The Jonesborough Fire Department responded to 32 calls for service in February, including two structure fires.
The first structure fire occurred on Feb. 3 at 204 ½ White St. The second took place at 231 Cherry Grove Road on Feb. 21. Firefighters also responded to several motor vehicle accidents, a chimney fire and more.