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Jonesborough pleased with WCEDC decision on executive committee

The Washington County Economic Development Council’s decision to include the Town of Jonesborough as a voting member of its executive committee has town officials pleased but not surprised.
“We are really happy about it, and are prepared, as before, to move ahead and do what’s best for the county,” said Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe.
“It just affirms the fact, if you do the right thing, for the right reasons, everything will work out.”
The town voted on Jan. 13 to accept the WCEDC as the official economic development entity in Washington County, even though it was still unsure of its role on the council’s eight-member executive committee.
Concerns had been voiced about whether Jonesborough, which currently payed a discounted $7,000 as a member of the full board compared to other members’ $25,000, was financially qualified to become a member.
That discussion missed the point on the entire purpose of the council, according to Wolfe.
“Jonesborough brings so much to the table,” Wolfe said, citing fire service, an industrial park, and numerous amenities that act as a draw for business. “It’s important to remember this exercise is about the public.”
As the public’s interest is best served by the WCEDC, there was little chance of Jonesborough’s withholding its approval, he said.
But Wolfe is also reassured that the WCEDC recognizes Jonesborough’s value as well.
“Economic development is for the people who live, work and pay taxes in Washington County, he said. “Our goal is to serve those people to the best of our ability.”