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Jonesborough man pleads guilty to manufacturing marijuana in his home

A Jonesborough man arrested after Washington County police raided his Headtown Road home and found a large-scale marijuana growing operation pleaded guilty this month to charges of manufacturing more than 100 marijuana plants.
According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, Paul S Fields, 45, previously of 565 Headtown Road, entered a plea in U.S. Federal Court, Eastern District of Tennessee.
By entering a plea, Fields avoided the prosecution of any other person in this case. He is scheduled for sentencing in July 2010 in Greenville, police said.
The investigation occurred in October 2009 when Washington County Investigators, working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration and the 1st Judicial Drug Task Force, descended on Fields’ home to serve a search warrant.
Officers encountered a sophisticated operation inside the residence, and were overwhelmed by the extremely strong odor of marijuana that could be detected even outside the residence, police said.
A large-scale indoor marijuana growing operation was dismantled, including expensive grow lights, timers and humidity monitors; extensive venting, cooling, and watering systems, planters, fertilizers, plant foods and other items. Officers also recovered over 250 marijuana plants ranging from seedlings to mature plants. The mature plants consisted of thick, potent THC-rich “buds.” The marijuana included over ten different varieties including some exotic species of marijuana with purple and red hairs on their buds. Police said they also recovered ecstasy pills, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD blotter paper, and a substance called dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogenic substance. The value of the drugs seized is estimated at nearly $500,000.
United States Assistant District Attorney Rob Reeves handled the prosecution in United States Federal Court.