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Joe Grandy takes Republican Primary County Mayor’s race

Joe Grandy won the Republican primary in the Washington County Mayor race last week.


Staff Writer

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Last Monday night, Washington County Mayoral Candidate Joe Grandy might have been knocking at your door to introduce himself. But come Tuesday night, the night of the county primary election, Grandy was named the winner of the Republican primary.

With 4,804 votes, Grandy beat out Mark Ferguson, who earned 4,646 votes, and David Tomita, who earned 3,176 votes.

“I want to thank my wife, Lucinda, for her dedicated support. She was knocking on doors the Monday before the election and going through neighborhoods and I was knocking on doors the Monday before the election through the neighborhoods,” Grandy said. “Up until Monday night, we were together in Jonesborough going door to door. It was hard work. But I think it was a divine plan for it to be like it was.”

Though “anxious” was the word Grandy used to describe his feelings leading up to the results, the county mayoral candidate said he knew he and his team had done all they could and had left nothing on the table by the time the results rolled in.

“It had been a kind of long, rocky road,” Grandy said. “I was just relieved that it was over with and pleased that the results were what they were.”

Leading up to the primary race, tensions were high with filed complaints against Grandy and aggressive video footage of Mark Ferguson circulating throughout the county. And, though the primary election win was a milestone for Grandy, he realizes the race isn’t over just yet; Grandy will face Independent candidate James Reeves in the general election on Aug. 2.

“We’re not putting the cart before the horse. We do have the election in August,” Grandy said. “Anything could happen, so I don’t want to be presumptuous. During this period of time, I’ll be trying to prepare myself for the first day in office, if that takes place in September, and we’ll be beginning to get the ball rolling.”

But in weighing the magnitude of the primary election results, Grandy said he feels immense gratitude and a sense of duty towards the Washington County citizens he hopes to officially represent following the election.

“It’s huge,” Grandy said. “I’m humbled and honored to have garnered the trust of the majority of the Washington County voters who supported me in this election.

“I’ll do my very best to deserve their trust in moving forward.”