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Iris Glen error results in $17,000 credit for town

The Town of Jonesborough continues to see savings through a trial run with a landfill in Blountville.
Despite the additional distance trucks must cover to take trash to Advanced Disposal in Blountville instead of Iris Glen Landfill in Johnson City, the town has saved nearly $7,000 in two months.
According to Jeff Thomas, director of solid waste, the cost per month to dispose of trash at the new landfill is half that of the cost at Iris Glen.
In a report to town leaders, Thomas also noted that the town was awarded a credit of $17,000 at Iris Glen when a discrepancy was discovered by certified public accountant between fiscal years 2010 and 2011.
According to Thomas, Iris Glen was charging the town an incorrect fee for disposal. Landfill manager C.M. Boggs subsequently issued the $17,000 credit.