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Husband sought in connection with missing Telford woman


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The Washington County Sheriff’s Office continues to search for a Telford woman who was reported missing by her son on Thursday Aug. 3.

Lisa Maria Cloyd, 53, 120 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes, has been missing since July 20 and has not been in contact with her family. Her lack of communication is considered unusual and out of character for her according to her family.

Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal told the Herald & Tribune that his department is also looking for Lisa Maria Cloyd’s husband, Curtis Cloyd, 50, who fled from his mother’s house on Miller Road when approached by police.

“We wanted to talk to him to see if he knew anything, where she might be or anything like that. He didn’t want to and as a result, when we got to his mom’s house, he had the gun,” Graybeal said. “No one was hurt. At first it was just a couple (of officers) that went to talk to him. Then he ran out the back door and through the woods. Due to what happened there in the residence, we charged him with reckless endangerment. So we’re trying to find him on that charge.

“We’d still like to see what he knows about his wife and this young man’s momma.”

Curtis Cloyd, 149 Slate Hill Road, Telford, was last seen with a handgun. Graybeal said area police have been notified of the search for the white male who lives at 149 Slate Hill Road in Telford. Graybeal also said Curtis Cloyd has been incarcerated at least six times.

“As far as we know, when he left he was armed. And he does not like law enforcement. He’s told us that before,” Graybeal said. “We sent a message that night to all the agencies around telling them because you just don’t know what frame of mind somebody’s in when they see a cop and they just take off. We wanted all the agencies to know that the last time we came across him did have a handgun with him.”

The department is also hoping to gather more information on Lisa Maria Cloyd’s whereabouts, as well as her condition.

“That’s what we’ve been working on finding out (if she’s okay). We’ve checked with everyone —hospitals and everyone we can check with. Nobody has her anywhere” Graybeal said. “We put her in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) trying to help her son figure out what happened to his mom.

“Whenever someone files a missing persons report and tells us that their whole schedule has changed, and they haven’t heard from them and they usually do, it’s concerning to us and the family also.”

Any person with any information regarding Lisa Maria or Curtis Cloyd’s whereabouts is asked to call (423)788-1414 or a local law enforcement agency. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has also asked the public to not approach Curtis Cloyd if seen.