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Humane Society changes its tune

The Humane Society’s charge to take control of the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter ended as suddenly as it began when the organization announced last week it didn’t want the responsibility after all.
Animal Control Board member Jim Reel read a letter signed by The Humane Society of Washington County during the Dec. 2 meeting that states the group voted to defer taking further steps toward management of the shelter at this time.
In addition to maintaining its strong spay-neuter program, The Humane Society indicates it will continue to aggressively organize local adoption events and will showcase animals who are in foster care and from the shelter in order to improve their chances of adoption.
While progress has been made through a growing foster program, Animal Control Director Debbie Dobbs reported 23 animals came into the shelter the day of the meeting.
“We certainly appreciate the support of The Humane Society in the new shelter and welcome the opportunity to work with members in adoptions,” Chair Pete Peterson said. “We’ve made room in the new building, and it’s more people working together toward a common cause.”
Dobbs did not know of the decision until the letter was read, but said she will continue to work with any organization that is interested in the welfare of unwanted animals.
According to Dobbs, almost 211,000 animals have come through the doors of the shelter at 525 Sells Ave. in Johnson City since it was built in 1987.
The 2014 Animal Shelter Christmas Party is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 14, from 1-4 p.m., and the public is invited to meet the animals. Suggestions for gifts include animal treats, toys, large-size sweaters, bleach, Pine-sol and kitty litter.
Food also will be accepted, but attendees are asked to consider canned food since dry food can go bad before it’s used.
For more information, contact the shelter at 926-8769.