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Historical Trust hosts Boone bear killing celebration

A crowd of approximately 70 people on Saturday celebrated the 250th Anniversary of Daniel Boone’s killing a bear in 1760 and then carving a record of the feat on a tree in the Boones Creek Community.
The event, sponsored by the Boones Creek Historical Trust, was held on the property of Roger and Hope Carter. A monument on the property of Robert T. “Rab” Summers marks the original site of the tree where Boone carved his record.
Barbara Summers, with husband Don Squibb, represented the owners at the commemoration in which Congressman Phil Roe (R-1st District) spoke about the beauty and rich heritage of East Tennessee.
“We live in one of the most historic districts in America,” Roe said. “We’ve had two Presidents as well as Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett come from this area. What a piece of history this land is.”
In 1916 a lightning strike and gust of wind blew down the tree. Master of Ceremonies Ed Bowman displayed a frame made out of the tree with a painting by his grandmother of the tree containing the famous carving.
Two tables and a gavel made from the wood of the tree are still known to exist.
Grant Hardin portrayed Daniel Boone in a short reenactment assisted by John Lyle as William Bean. The audience stayed for the presentation despite a rainfall that caused Bowman to speed up his recounting of Boone lore.
For more information about the Boones Creek Historical Trust, contact president Carlos Whaley at 620-7483.