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Historical documents one step closer to being on display at Justice Center

Recommendations regarding display cases for the historical documents display in the George P. Jaynes Justice Center were discussed during the Aug. 26 Washington County Commission meeting.
“We could have done this faster, but not necessarily better,” Mary Alexander told members of the Public Safety Committee earlier in the month.
Alexander, chair of the Historical Documents Display Study Committee, attended the meeting with County Archivist and Records Manager Ned Irwin to discuss bids received for construction of the three display cases.
“We could have ordered the cabinets, but we found a man in Greeneville who will custom-make them,” Alexander said.
The cases should be completed within three to four months of placing the order.
Four bids were received, and the Historical Documents Committee voted to recommend craftsman Duane Stanton, of Hillview Woodworking in Greeneville, who had the lowest bid at $3,100.
Commissioner Sam Humphreys asked about a lighting plan for the display, but Irwin said the natural light available in the Justice Center makes additional illumination in the cabinets unnecessary.
According to Alexander, the following reproduction documents will make up the display: Ten Commandments; Magna Carta; Watauga Petition of 1776; Declaration of Independence; Constitution of the State of Franklin; United States Constitution (Preamble); Bill of Rights; and the Tennessee Constitution of 1796.
Cost for the reproduction documents is $200.
“We want people to be able to read about the history of the state and the area,” she said, referring to the choice of documents.
Commissioner Sam Phillips made a motion to approve the list of documents and recommend the Budget Committee determine a source of funding for the reproductions and construction of the three display cases.
The motion was seconded by Commissioner Pete Speropulos and passed with unanimous approval.
Alexander and Irwin also discussed their plans with members of the Budget Committee during their Aug. 16 meeting.
Speropulos made a motion to approve the recommendation, which was seconded by Commissioner Mitch Meredith.
Budget Committee members gave their approval and directed Mayor Dan Eldridge to designate a line item to provide the funds.
Commissioners will vote on a formal resolution during next month’s meeting.