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Haren makes appeal at state level to run as write-in candidate in 8th District

A mistake by Washington County Elections Administrator Connie Sinks may have cost one man his chance at being elected to the county commission this year.
Eddie Haren planned to run as a write-in candidate for the 8th District of the county commission in the General Election, but filed his paperwork two days too late because Sinks told him the wrong date.
According to Sinks, she misread the deadline to file as a write-in candidate as June 18 when it was, in fact, June 16. She then told Haren the deadline was June 18 when he inquired.
“I said, ‘Oh my gosh, Eddie. I told you the wrong date,’” Sinks said of the moment she realized her mistake. “He understood and wasn’t too upset with me.”
Haren said he believed it was “a good, honest mistake.”
“You can get mad and jump up and down about it, but it won’t do any good,” he added.
Sinks said she told Haren to come to the election office and fill out the paperwork even though it was too late according to state law.
That way, if Haren wanted to appeal the Election Commission’s subsequent denial of his candidacy due to filing after deadline, he would already have the ball rolling to make an do so.
The Election Commission did unanimously pass a motion at its meeting last week to not count any votes for Haren in the election because he had filed his paperwork too late.
In order to get his votes counted, Haren has made an appeal at the state level for the chancellor to recognize the error and allow his votes be counted.
“I’m waiting to hear word from (County Court Clerk) Karen Guinn to see if the judge will hear it,” Haren said when contacted Monday by the Herald & Tribune. “I can’t imagine he won’t allow it, seeing as it wasn’t my mistake.”
Two candidates already will be on the ballot for the two spots in the 8th Commission District. Those individuals are incumbents Ben Bowman and Everett Jarrett.
As a valid write-in candidate, Haren’s name would not appear on the ballot, however voters would be allowed to submit his name as a write-in and, if his appeal is granted, those votes would be counted.