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Grant awards $400,000 to Jonesborough

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen did not hesitate to approve additional grant funding of $400,000 to complete the wastewater improvement project at its May 12 meeting.
“This is an item you don’t mind considering and you really wouldn’t mind considering every month,” Mayor Kelly Wolfe said of the Rural Development award. “We certainly don’t see something like this happening every day.”
Wolfe said the grant funding stems from a relationship the town has developed with an entity that funds worthy projects in such rural communities as Jonesborough.
“They had an inkling that they might have some available funds at the end of the year,” Wolfe said. And they were looking for a worthy cause, he added.
“This is a little bit of being in the right place at the right time and having a good relationship with such a good institution.”
The additional grant funding, he said, is also validation of what Jonesborough is doing.
“We are extremely appreciative of Rural Development,” Wolfe said.
The additional funds were sought because of the costs associated with the wastewater improvement phase II project’s effluent pump station and the return sludge pumps. An application was submitted to Rural Development for a loan or grant totaling $400,000. The town’s regional Rural Development program specialist Louis Trivette submitted the application to Nashville as a 100 percent grant.
“They could have loaned us the money, but they chose to do the grant,” Town Administrator Bob Browning said during the meeting. The grant monies increased from $815,600 to $1,215,600.