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Grandview at capacity, enrollment restricted at facility

The Washington County Board of Education received a 2009 Board of Distinction award from the Tennessee School Board Association at its Feb. 4 meeting.
Also at the meeting, the board voted to restrict enrollment at Grandview Elementary School per a recommendation by Director of Schools Ron Dykes.
He said the school was at 91 percent capacity, with around 700 students. The school was designed and built to hold 750 students. Future enrollments will be restricted to those in Grandview’s district only. Exceptions to those restrictions will be made for children of Grandview employees, siblings of current Grandview students, and those already attending Grandview from outside the district will be grandfathered in.
Ridgeview, Gray and Lamar Elementary Schools are already on restricted enrollment.
The school board also approved the calendar for the 2010-2011 school year, which includes four nine-week grading periods and will feature a change to block scheduling for David Crockett and Daniel Boone high school students.
The board was given two calendars to decide between, both of which had already been voted on by the educations. The calendar that received more votes from the professional educators – the one with a shorter Thanksgiving break and a longer Christmas break – was the one the board approved.
In other news, the Wal-Mart at Browns Mill Road received the Director’s “Made A Difference” award for its fundraising and volunteer work at Boones Creek Middle School.
Dykes said the employees of the store, through their donations and hours spent volunteering at the school, had made improvements worth about $20,000.