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Fourth District: Phyllis Corso

Johnson City
Currently serving remainder of term for late husband,
Dr. Joe Corso, who was elected in 2010
Seeking first term
“I’ve spent a good part of my adult life in public service, and I have a great interest in government,” Corso said, though she doesn’t think people realize how much goes into serving as a commissioner. “I’ve had full-time jobs where I didn’t work as hard, but I have the time to do it.” Corso lists honesty, transparency and sincerity as the characteristics she brings to the role. “I’m not into political games, and I won’t pull any punches.”
1. Which committees would you like to serve on and why?
“The most enjoyable and important to me have been the County-Owned Property Committee and the Legal Services Committee.”
2. What factors should be considered in a decision on whether commissioners receive benefits?
“The need of the individual commissioners and whether they can get them from another source. The commission has been giving it since 1986, and it needs to be looked at and studied. There are many different methods to take care of people.”