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Fourth District: Keith Swink

Johnson City
Investigator, Johnson City Power Board
Seeking first term
“I think I look at issues objectively and could make decisions in the best interest of all citizens, not just the ones in my district,” Swink said. An interest in government and public service, in addition to a desire for the county to be prosperous, are other attributes he would bring. “I think it’s a good tie — the interest and the willingness to serve,” he said.
1. Which committees would you like to serve on and why?
“I have an interest in the Safety Committee. I work for the safety director at the Johnson City Power Board, and it’s a natural connection. The Budget Committee is another one, though I would be willing to serve wherever needed.”
2. What factors should be considered in a decision on whether commissioners receive benefits?
“Does the county have other part-time employees who receive benefits? That’s a fair question. If so, it seems like it would be a parallel. Guidelines of the state law, if there is one, should be looked at. How does Washington County compare to other counties in the state? Are Washington County commissioners being treated any differently?”