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Fourth District: Katie Baker

Johnson City
Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Community and Behavioral Health
Seeking first term
“I was a Niswonger Scholar, and I returned to this region from a commitment I made 12 years ago,” Baker said. “I followed through on that, and I think I have a lot of new, innovative ideas on how the commission can relate to public health issues. A healthy population can better address economic issues.”
1. Which committees would you like to serve on and why?
“I think I am best suited for General Health and Welfare. My graduate work and doctorate in public health allow me to bring people around the table to work through some of the major public health issues we are facing in our community such as prescription drug use.”
2. What factors should be considered in a decision on whether commissioners receive benefits?
“I think we have to take into account the time serving as a county commissioner. This is part-time, and I don’t think the county commission should subsidize.
“As public servants, it should be just that; and as public servants, we should not expect to receive benefits.
“The total amount of the budget required to provide benefits, and whether the commissioners are receiving them on an individual or family plan are other factors.”