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Forrest Drive, Headtown Road to get traffic improvements

The Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved two proposals for easing traffic on Headtown Road and Forrest Drive at its August 9 meeting.
Both roads, which lead out onto Jackson Boulevard (Highway 11-E), are often causes of “bottleneck situations,” especially around peak travel hours and school times, said Mayor Kelly Wolfe.
Headtown Road, where it meets with Jackson Boulevard on the side adjacent to Lowe’s, will feature three lanes: one for traffic turning left, one for traffic going straight, and a third for vehicles turning right onto Jackson Boulevard.
Forrest Drive will see an extension of its current right-hand turn lane into the middle school parking lot.
In addition to smoothing the traffic flow, the extension is expected to help school buses merge into traffic easier.
Costs for the projects were not given at the meeting. Officials said design plans would have to be submitted to the Tennessee Department of Transportation before estimates could be made.
In other BMA news:
• Grading is expected to start on the Walgreen’s project within the next month, officials said. Bids opened on August 9 for that portion of the construction project.
• In wastewater news, Wolfe said he talked to Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Haslam about continued support and grants for repairs to Jonesborough’s aging sewer system.
Wolfe said Haslam is “ready to listen.”
• Officials also said Jonesborough Repertory Theatre’s revenues were back in the black and it has been cutting down on its ad expenses.
Earlier at the same meeting, an on-premise beer license was approved for Depot Street Brewing.