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Former school bus driver’s plea date moved to March

The plea deadline set for Dec. 3 in the case of former Washington County school bus driver Brenda Gray, who is facing numerous felony charges from the September 2012 crash that injured 39 David Crockett High School students, has been extended. During last week’s hearing, attorney Cliff Corker asked for more time to finish his review of the state’s accident reconstruction and the accuracy of the discovery presented. Corker agreed to represent Gray following the unexpected death of her first attorney Michael LaGuardia. During the October hearing, Corker said he has spoken with people who indicate the speed Gray was traveling prior to the crash was a lot less than the 52-60 mph reflected in the charges. Criminal Court Judge Robert Cupp scheduled a new plea deadline of March 7, 2014, and a March 20, 2014, trial date.