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Ford now a full-time employee with town

Less than a month after being hired on as the town’s newest employee, former state Rep. Dale Ford went from part-time status to full-time.
Ford was hired as the town’s Project Management/Economic Development Coordinator last month. Members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously voted to hire Ford at $12.46 per hour for 30 hours a week.
In his role with the town, Ford will supervise the Carter County Work Camp Construction Crew as the prison inmates continue to provide free labor to the town.
He was also pegged to help convince more businesses to set up shop in Tennessee’s oldest town.
At the Dec. 10 meeting of the BMA, Ford’s part-time position was bumped to full-time to accommodate his need for full-time status in order to keep his retirement from the state squared away.
To do so, the BMA created a new category of employee referred to as “limited full-time.” Ford and Event Coordinator Melinda Copp are the only two employees currently falling into the new category.
Limited full-time employees work 31-39 hours per week and are eligible for retirement and holiday pay. They also accrue sick leave and vacation leave on a pro-rated basis.
Health insurance for limited full-time employees will be offered for the employee member only.
Alderman Chuck Vest, however, suggested offering spouse and family coverage for a limited full-time employee, too.
“If somebody needs that, I’d like to be able to offer it,” Vest said. “But if they did need it, they’d pay a greater cost.”
Vest made a motion to approve the creation of the new employee category and moving both Ford and Copp into the new status. The motion, which passed unanimously, also allows limited full-time employees to purchase spouse or family health coverage with 50 percent of the cost being paid by the employee and the other 50 percent paid by the town.