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Fitzgerald refuses to serve as cultural arts center liaison

The Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen appointed members to the new Booker T. Washington School Committee at its May 10 meeting.
Alderman Jerome Fitzgerald was nominated as the BMA’s representative on the committee, and his name was read from the list at the meeting.
However, before the vote, Fitzgerald said he “did not want to serve” on the committee, as he had “too much going on already.”
“I don’t want to say yes and not show up,” he said. “Summer’s busy for me.”
Fitzgerald’s name was removed from the list. Mayor Kelly Wolfe said he would entertain suggestions in the future as to which BMA member would serve as a representative on the committee.
Fitzgerald does not currently serve on any committees. He was appointed to the Sewer Task Force last year but quit the committee after one meeting.
Also at the meeting, Town officials approved the overlaying of a treatment facility zone on three properties near the Justice Center and county jail.
Fitzgerald was the lone dissenting vote on the zone overlay, saying his mind had not changed about the issue.
At the April BMA meeting, Fitzgerald was the only ‘no’ vote on creating the zone, which other Town officials said would help define a place for the treatment centers and that doing nothing – or attempting to zone them out – could result in a facility coming in wherever it wanted, or even a lawsuit.
“My mind hasn’t changed,” Fitzgerald said at last week’s meeting. “I’m not going to argue. I’m going to stand the way I want to stand.”
Fitzgerald had also said he knew of certain municipalities that had been successful in zoning the facilities out, but had not shared any of that information with the Town.
Town Attorney Jim Wheeler said he did not know of any places that had been successful in doing so.
“If there’s a better way to do this, you should tell the Town,” Wolfe told Fitzgerald at the meeting.
“I would if I had the time,” Fitzgerald said. “By the time I get here, it’s already done. I don’t have to share anything with you.”
Following the discussion, aldermen Terry Countermine, Chuck Vest and Mary Gearhart all voted in favor of overlaying the treatment facility zone.