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Senior Vice President, Citizens Bank
Seeking first term
“Years of experience in the financial industry has made me receptive to people, reliable and accountable,” Storey said. While all counties are struggling for dollars, he said, dwelling on the same topic has no benefit and can cause a commission to lose sight of the goal. “We then could lose a prospective business or a resident because of the inability to make a decision or what some see as turmoil.”
1. What are the challenges in your district?
“I think there is so much challenge and opportunity to make sure we are spending taxpayer money in a responsible way. There are needs in the schools and roads, not just in my district, and we should strive for maximum use of taxpayer dollars.”
2. What does the relationship between the commission and the county officials need to be?
“They need to have open communication and dialogue. We can disagree, but still work together for the taxpayers.
“If you can’t communicate, you don’t get a lot accomplished. It seems like we have different segments now, but overall good leadership.”