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FIRST DISTRICT: Pete Speropulos

Johnson City
Insurance Producer, Johnson City Insurance
Seeking fourth term
“I know how county government is run, and we need to make sure we are all working together on the issues at hand,” Speropulos said. “I represent both (entities), and the city needs to be aware of what we’re facing with a county shrinking as the city annexes, knowing the city has to have growth.”
1. What are the challenges in your district?
“The first would be schools – what to do about the new schools and a strategy to place them with Johnson City’s growth. Down the road, I would love to see a consolidation of schools. I think we could all benefit from this, with both school boards coming together to work as one. We also need economic development, such as the growth going out Highway 36.”
2. What does the relationship between the commission and the county officials need to be?
“Both entities have to work together rather than against each other. Each office has a balancing act as far as appropriating funding to each line item and keeping it within the budget, and the officers do a good job of holding the line on spending.”