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FIRST DISTRICT: Jonathan Griffith

TN/NC Sales and
Permatile Concrete Products Co.,
Bristol, Va.
Seeking first term
“I’m running for smaller government,” Griffith said. “We have 10 districts, I think we should have 10 commissioners.” He also believes term limits are needed for commissioners, and opposes providing free insurance. “I have no problem if commissioners are paying for it,” he said. “I would take it if it was a better deal than what I have now, but I would pay for it. If they don’t let us do that, I won’t take it.”
1. What are the challenges in your district?
“I think we need to spend money more wisely. Taxes could be even lower, which is a challenge across all districts.”
2. What does the relationship between the commission and the county officials need to be?
“It needs to be a working relationship. These are two factions of government that need to work together. I’m seeing now that relationship is confrontational, and we need to find common ground to move forward.”