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Johnson City
Captain, Washington County Sheriff’s Office Community Services Division
Seeking fifth term
“What I bring to the table is experience,” Matherly said. “I want us to have a stable government with a leadership that people can approach and one that is willing to work through problems to find a way to offer the services they need.” One of the most important roles of a county commissioner is customer service, according to Matherly. “All we have to offer is service, and I think our constituents expect that.”
1. What are the challenges in your district?
“The biggest thing on our plate is the tax increment financing district from Highway 36 to the intersection on Boones Creek Road. It’s the first one we’ve built on the north side of the county. As a public/private partnership, we need to make sure it moves forward and do it right the first time.
“We’re also dealing with development and a need for infrastructure, which has to be coordinated with city and county services, whether it’s a guard rail, a crosswalk or a warning light.
“There has been a lot of growth in our community and we need to protect these areas and have a balance with development. Almost the whole district is in the planning area for Johnson City.
“We haven’t seen a lot of forced annexation, but we need to protect our neighborhoods and make sure everyone is treated fairly.
“Another big project is the replacement of Boones Creek Elementary and Middle schools, and I think the Board of Education is ready to bring a plan forward to the commission.”
2. What does the relationship between the commission and the county officials need to be?
“It needs to be a partnership toward a common goal. We should all be working as a team, and I practice what I preach. I have a good relationship with all of the county officials. They should be able to approach the commission, and as chairman, I know they can do that. When we work well together, it allows the government to function smoothly.”