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Johnson City
Government/history teacher,
Asbury High School
Seeking second term
“I have a quiet and determined manner,” England said of a benefit this former county sheriff would offer as a commissioner.
“As a law enforcement officer, one minute you have to be very direct and the next minute, very compassionate.
“I’m a good listener, and I learned a lot during my 2006-2010 term on the commission.
“We need to set a five-year plan to know where we’re going.”
1. What are two specific goals you will work toward?
“My number one priority is to help establish a spirit of cooperation on the county commission.
“I also want to focus on economic growth to help create new jobs, and provide strong support to the county and city school systems.”
2. What will you do to help unite commissioners?
“What I would do is listen and give serious consideration to everyone’s opinion before making a decision.
“That’s easy to say, but hard to do because there are a lot of factors involved.
“I would make a good faith effort.”